5 Helpful Tips To Prepare Your Home For Fall

Dated: 09/27/2019

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A Few  Simple Steps to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

1.Change your temperature settings to make your home ready for the colder weather. 

Make sure the house is warm when people are active (mornings and evenings). But don’t be afraid to lower the temperature by several degrees or more when the family is away or sleeping. Even smart programmable thermostats may need some help figuring out your winter schedule!

2.Switch to Warmer Bedding and ClothesBring out your seasonal bedding and clothing and pack up your summer wear for next season. Remember to keep your clothing somewhere safe from outdoor pests and extreme temperatures. It’s a good idea to do this early so you have a chance to wash and freshen winter items before using them.

3.Prepare Your Outdoor Furniture. 

Wash your outdoor furniture and bring in any sensitive cushions or fabrics to get your home ready for fall. This is true even for durable outdoor padding, as it can develop mold issues over wet seasons. If you get a lot of snow, consider storing chairs and tables in a shed for better protection. Remember, mosaic tables can be particularly vulnerable to freezing temperatures.

4.Clean Your Furnace and Switch Out Your Filters.

Check your furnace for soot, ignition problems, pilot light health and the state of other components to make your home ready for fall. Also, clean up dust and grime and arrange a professional inspection for anything that worries you. This is also a great time to switch out your filters, since clean air is important when the house is closed for winter. You may also need to winterize your outdoor air conditioner unit, depending on the type of system you have. This usually involves cleaning your coils and covering the unit to protect it from the elements.

5.Prepare Your Entryway for Muddy Feet

Is your entryway and home ready to deal with the dirt and moisture that fall and winter bring? Make sure there are places to store dirty clothes or equipment and ways to take care of muddy shoes or boots. 

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