Four 10minute Cures For Clutter

Dated: 02/27/2019

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Over time, most people have acquired a lot of food storage containers. Some aren't used, have missing lids or are stained. 

In the kitchen, use 10 minutes to pull everything out of your container shelves. Keep only those you often use and have lids that fit. Discard the others and nest the saved containers to save space.

In 10 minutes more, check every lid that has a container to make sure it fits. Toss the stray ones, but don't keep more than two lids for any container. Stack lids of similar shape under their nested containers, or place lids together on their sides in a single storage container so they stand up vertically.

Use 10-minute time chunks to clean an area of the refrigerator. Pull all items out of the area you choose and place them on the kitchen table or counter. Throw out any questionable food, produce and leftovers if you wonder whether they're still good. Wipe the shelf or drawer with a clean damp sponge sprinkled with baking soda. Dry with a dish towel and replace the fresh items.

In the bathroom, organize the shelves under the sink (5 minutes). Measure the cabinet and fit stacking drawers inside (buy them or order online). Each stack should be at least two drawers high and narrow enough to fit on either side of the sink's drainpipe. Allow space for taller glass and toilet bowl cleaners.

In your home office, sort scattered papers into stacks and label Call, Write, Pay, Return, or Order. Insert stacks in colored folders and keep them handy and visible. When you have a few minutes, go through a folder and take action. Sometimes you can go through an entire folder in about 10 minutes.

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