Kissimmee Florida Offers Warm Weather And Opportunity For Those Who Want To Relocate

Dated: 02/28/2018

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There are a multitude of reasons that people leave their homes around the country and move to Kissimmee. The obvious reasons are the nearly year-round warm weather, and proximity to the amusement parks, but there are other reasons the town is a popular place to relocate. Kissimmee is centrally located in area experiencing an economic boom. Those seeking employment in the greater Kissimmee area will have no shortage of opportunities. There are still the established employers of Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, and hundreds of hotels; but in the past decade there are other major employers who have flocked to the Kissimmee area. has a massive distribution center in nearby Hanes City that employs over six-hundred employees and continues to expand. The Aldi Supermarkets distribution center, also in neighboring Hanes City, employs over one-hundred workers. New homeowners in Kissimmee won’t have to deal with the stress of finding steady employment, they can focus on their new homes in a beautiful area. 

Kissimmee also has other tempting reasons to relocate. In the past several years Kissimmee has maintained a very low burglary rate. Homeowners need not worry that their personal belongings will be stolen while they are at work or at play. The home that people who are newly relocated invested in, is itself an incentive to move to Kissimmee.  Home prices are reasonable and often a bargain compared to the rest of Florida. The average gain in home prices over two to five years in Kissimmee is twenty-two percent according to Homeinsight, a hefty return in investment. New homeowners in Kissimmee seeking to better themselves have a choice of twelve different colleges or professional schools within a thirty-mile radius. Employers like Disney and Universal often offer internal courses to improve their employees educational standing as well. There are five hospitals clustered in the area, so calling 911 will result in an ambulance arriving quickly, an important fact for elderly who relocate to Kissimmee.

For fitness enthusiast there are many reasons to relocate to Kissimmee. Anyone who lives in a climate that has icy, snowy winters will tell you exercise can be difficult. Exercising outside for free is only possible for a few months out of the year. Even those with a gym membership often miss going regularly due to snow and ice on the roads. In Kissimmee those seeking to stay fit can exercise outdoors twelve months out of the year. Jogging, bicycling, rollerblading, swimming, and hiking are all popular pastimes in Kissimmee. There are numerous fitness trails to allow stretching and calisthenics like pull ups and sit ups. A somewhat longer drive takes you to either of Florida’s coasts, and some of the most pristine and highly rated beaches in the world. Windsurfing, paddle boarding and jet skiing are just a few of the popular ways to exercise on Florida’s beaches while having fun.

All in all, Kissimmee is a safe and charming area, one to raise a family in, or to buy a first home as a nest-egg. Once someone from Canada or the northern United States has moved here they will be the envy of their relatives back home, and a popular place for their friends to visit, all while the investment in their home grows.

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