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There are many reasons!

In a recent article about the pros and cons of buying a new home in Forbes magazine (Jun 20, 2014) the author reports that 41% of the population (2 in 5 Americans) prefer to buy a new home to a pre-owned property at the same price. Why?

Why would you prefer to buy a pre-owned home many years old with existing problems with some unknown problems that appear after the deal is closed? The ghosts of past lives can come to haunt you.  Most often even the most well cared homes will hide their secrets even after the inspector leaves. Besides the above reason let me outline some of the strongest points in buying a new home:

  • In my experience in new homes, new home builders want a flawless presentation and do everything to make sure that happens.  Satisfying you is a critical part of their reputation. Any problem that either their or your inspector find they will immediately fix before you move in.

  • And then there are all those customized upgrades (granted they add to the cost) that you can have to make that home truly feel like it was made for you. That compared to a home already weathered with perhaps multiple owners who chose to hide the wall paper with pink paint or added lights that disturb you, etc.

  • That new home is built for those who don’t want and can’t afford the time for constant upkeep. Very few people today who are in the higher price racket market have time to fix and repair, work the garden and do all the upkeep an older house usually needs.

  • In plus, most of these new home builds come with a built-in community with gyms, swimming pools and activities that local city communities will not have. No separate gym membership a half hour away, no driving the kids a few miles away to find the nearest pool. It’s all right there!

Granted, some of the older homes have their charm and some like the stories those old walls can tell. However, it is a choice to make and usually now the new homes are going for the same price as an older home the same size so people are inclined to opt for the trouble free and personalized version of a new home. Yes, there are pros and cons with buying a new home but usually like buying a car, you buy new if you can with all the whistles and avoid the headaches of a car already wearing down with many miles.

As you consider buying a home take the time to look at the new builds. As population grows there are new communities building all over with abundant choices that include new condos, town homes and newly built homes. You might be very well convinced that owning a home built for you is a possible dream!


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