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More American than Apple Pie and a lot more healthier and convenient to eat on the go or whilst traveling.

Try sharing a warm fruit pie in the car with the kids on a road trip!

Jerky won the West as a stable food of cowboys and our pioneering ancestors as well as being sent into space by NASA, AND has been our Military's favorite snack for generations.

Jerky even has its own National Day, June 12th is "BEEF JERKY DAY" and you can send your loved ones a Jerky Bouquet for that really special occasion.

I was so very pleased to find a new specialist store locally in OLD TOWN in Kissimmee.  "The Beef Jerky Outlet".


Sales over 100 types/flavors and not just beef and the regular turkey and bacon meats.

For the 'guess the meats' party game, you have gator, venison, ostrich, buffalo, elk and even kangaroo!!

Not popular with the vegan community but generally a good ice breaker.

Anyhow, they have 100 stores Country wide and expanding fast.  It's a billion dollar plus business here in America and beef jerky is the fasting growing section in the snack food industry.

It's not just a red neck delicacy anymore, apparantly the upmarket Four Seasons Hotel chain serve a good gourmet version of this healthy food.

That's right HEALTH FOOD.

It's lean, high in protein, low in carb's and fats, that's right less than 3% fat content, great for any diet you may be on.  Plus its lightweight to carry with a long shelf life, makes it an ideal food to stock up on for traveling and in case of emergencies.  

At the store you can sample the product, the Company Moto "TRY SOME BEFORE YOU BUY SOME" from original to moonshine flavors, this  has to be one you will love.  Also sales pickles, rubs, marinades etc.

Take a tour next time your passing, the staff are friendly and knowledgable.Image titleImage titleImage title

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