Lake Nona A Model Community For The Future

Dated: 03/22/2017

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Lake Nona, a Model Community for the Future.

If one is looking for a something to symbolize the future potential of Lake Nona, you need to look no further than the twin monoliths flanking Lake Nona Boulevard at the intersection of Nemours Parkway. The two giant marble slabs are not unlike the monolith in 2001 a Space Odyssey, imposing stark harbingers of the future, in this case the bright shining future of Lake Nona.  It is a community on the cusp of being a model for the rest of the nation. Lake Nona little resembles the rural community with an agricultural economy it was just a decade ago.  The establishment of a vast and varied medical center, and a sprawling retail compound have contributed to the unparallel economic growth of Lake Nona. That growth has contributed to Lake Nona’s status as a destination both for businesses and families. That same growth has made its real estate some of the most sought after in the country.

As you drive along Lake Nona Boulevard you pass between medians filed with geometrically sculpted landscaping one side and magnolia trees lining the other, which give a distinct feeling of the New South. Between the magnolias you can see the pristine Florida fields complete with palmettos and grassy expanses. Just beyond the fields you can catch a glimpse of the new homes on the other side. They invoke visions of upwardly mobile young families splashing in the backyard pool. The neighborhoods in Lake Nona are part of what has become one of the hottest real estate markets in America, with good reason. Lake Nona has reaped the benefits of being a meticulously planned community. It has become a hub for both business and technology (specifically medical technology) which has attracted young Millennials who are looking for a community that will grow along with them. They flock to subdivisions such as Providence that welcomes you with its columned gazebo that marks its entrance and foreshadows the similarly styled spacious villa style homes inside. It goes without saying that a community like Lake Nona has a lush golf course which in itself attracts a certain amount of new residents.

Among Lake Nona’s more impressive features is the soon to be completed Lake Nona Town Center. The Town Center is an open air commercial district which boasts retail shops, food, nightlife, and hospitality as part of the sprawling complex. The town center has understandably brought with it a wealth of jobs which continue to expand.  Another equally impressive feature of the community is Medical City a six-hundred and fifty acre health and life sciences park which includes the University of Central Florida’s medical school, dental school, nursing school, among other prestigious medical facilities. Medical City is estimated to bring in an estimated thirty-thousand jobs and have over a seven-billion dollar impact during the next decade. With two such promising complexes such as the Lake Nona Town Center and Medical City it does not take a detective to figure out why Lake Nona is booming. A ripple effect can be seen in new construction of places such as Lake Nona Plaza, a shopping center that will have a fifty-four thousand square foot Publix as its anchor. The recently completed United States Tennis Association National Campus, a state of the art tennis facility who’s angular design faintly resembles a tennis net, has over one-hundred tennis courts. With such vast facilities the USTA National Campus is likely to attract tennis players from beginners to professionals and all levels in between. New home construction is on the upswing as well in Lake Nona to accommodate the influx of younger families in search of a secure future as well as nightlife and outdoor activities. The distance from Lake Nona to several nearby theme parks is undoubtedly part of the appeal for those young families. Eventually an army of realtors will be required to meet the demand for new homes in the community. It’s is that growth that has brought it from just fifteen-hundred residents in the year 2000 to the over fifty-thousand people who call it home today.

With all of the new construction and economic opportunity Lake Nona has the potential to be “the” great American community of the next decade.  Much like the futuristic “Progress City” Walt Disney had envisioned as the city of tomorrow, Lake Nona fits that description. With Lake Nona’s self professed focus on sustainable design, healthy living, and technology it could indeed be a model for communities not only around the United States, but around the world. If you are a young Millennial who wants to put down roots, and is looking for the security of a community that will have continued growth over the next thirty years, then you should consider Lake Nona as a place you could live.

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