Are You Doing The Right Things To Improve Your Credit

Dated: 02/28/2017

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Are you trying to improve your credit so that you can become a home owner soon?  If so, be aware not to make the following mistakes:

A. Do not max out your credit card, although you would pay them off each month. Try to stay under 30% of your credit limit. 

B. Do not open too many credit cards. The best number would be three to four. If you do have quite a few, no rush to close them. Instead, use them minimally and pay them off on time. 

C. Do not pay off your credit cards at the last minute. Set up a payment time ten to fifteen days earlier than the due date would help a lot. 

I'm not a credit improvement consultant. But I'd like to share these tips with you from my own experiences of credit improvement. As the rental cost increasing, income improving, and housing market getting healthier, there is no doubt owning makes much more sense than renting. With downpayment assistance loan progra and some work and attention on credit improvement, home ownership will not be a dream anymore. Contact me TODAY to see how I can help!

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