Tips For Preparing Your Home For Sale

Dated: 07/11/2016

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In today's competitive market, it isn't enough to just find a qualified real estate agent to the list the property. Preparing your home for pictures and showings can add value to your home and put money in your pocket.
Some tips:
* Drive by your home several times, several times during the day. Curb appeal goes a LONG way in terms of getting a prospective buyer to make an appointment to see your home. Typically the first picture they see of your home is the front of the house. In addition, when a prospective buyer first pulls up with his/her agent what they see and thereby what they feel affects all of the rest of the showing. Is your landscaping up to date?  Do you need some more?  Fresh blooming plants always add appeal. But remember, too much can detract from the beauty of your home!  Get rid of garden gnomes and statuary. Although you may find them adorable, the prospective buyer may not, and that is the impression they have when coming into your home.  Make sure the paint and trim on your home is complete, fix  any peeling or peeled paint that may be present. Anticipate night showings by investing in some inexpensive landscape lighting that will make your home sparkle for night time viewings.
* Inside the biggest thing to do is DECLUTTER!  The second important tip is to  use fresh light air fresheners. Don't go overboard but a light vanilla scent is often seen as welcoming  in a home. It also helps to mask last nights  dinner!  Remove and pack away ( neatly ) the majority of your personal knicknacks and pictures. A few shows warmth, but the buyer  doesn't want or need to know your family history, weddings etc. Get rid of any excess furniture that you possibly can.  Less furniture, strategically placed can really open up your home and make a 1500 sq foot home look like 2000. This is especially true in small bedrooms that you need to make look larger. If you have the time having the interior painted in nice fresh neutral colors can really add to the appeal of your home. Remember, Dark colors that may look rich, also make the rooms look smaller. At the same time, stay away from white. It typically makes the home look cold. The list for ideally prepping our home can be extensive. Find an agent who is exprianced and trained in prepping a home for sale..... and then listen to them!  A small amount of money and some effort will pay for itself many times over.... top sales price and short amount of time on the market!

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