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THE CENTRAL FLORIDA LIFESTYLE:   I deal  with a lot of out of state relocation clients, and I have many friends and family who also talk/think about relocating here. My answer to all of them is " Who wouldn't want to live in Paradise"!

Lets go down the list:

  First, Climate- To my northern friends, when your dealing with storms that dole out FEET of snow ( which either you have to shovel or hire someone to shovel), dealing with temps that the daily news warns you that exposed skin subject to the outside will cause damage if exposed for more than 5 minutes, cars that wont start, pipes that freeze, slipping and falling on the ice while you try to get groceries in the house.... while you are dealing with all that I am enjoying my heated swimming pool and another day of endless summer!  I know the arguement....but it is so HOT down there in the summer.. and humid! Think on this; I leave my air conditioned comfortable home to get into my air conditioned car.. to then go into either my air conditioned work or an air conditioned store. You, on the other hand, are having to put up with wading through wet snow and ice when you go ANYWHERE in the winter time... not to mention the sometimes trecherous driving conditions!

Second- Things to do; Ok pretty much everyone has a mall, a movie theater. In Chicago where many of my friends are from, you also have world class museums, the fabulous lakefront and amazing shopping, concerts, and theatre. Let me ask you , when was the last time you took advantage of any or all of these?  In addition, read above...........when it is -20 degrees who really wants to do these things?  Compare that to Fabulous Florida....Central Florida has MULTIPLE world class theme parks ( Disney, Universal, Sea World, Busch Gardens) even if you are not a ride enthusiast, particularly with Disney, just looking at the sites, the exhibits and gardens, not to mention the fantastic food particularly at Epcot, free concerts, etc make it a destination for everyone. Then we have the beaches. We are SO lucky here in Central Florida to be truly bi coastal. Just 1  1/2 hours to either coast... world class beaches all..... feeling more adventurous?  Take one of the MANY low cost tours into everglade like nature areas, or even hike for free!  So many animals to see... one area even has a tribe of monkeys who have been naturalized in the area!  Looking for some pampering?  Take a cruise off either coast in one of the many commercial cruise ships such as Carnival .... I have seen three day cruises for as little as $195.00 a person... again.. just an hour and a half away from your home in Central Florida.....there is so much to do that is different and exciting that the list could take up webpages.

An added plus down here: LOW TAXES and LOW HOUSING PRICES.  My modest 3 bedroom 1.5 bath townhouse that was built in 1973 in a suburb 30 miles west of the city cost me $4,500.00 in taxes. Compare that with my beautiful, newer 4 bedroom, 3 bath pool home, built in 2004 here in central Florida, upgraded to the 9's and my taxes are just over $1000.00 per year. The cost? We spent $30,000.00 more on our BEAUTIFUL Florida home.. the same home in the Chicago area, for instance, would easily run you over $500K.Image titleImage title

I cannot encourage everyone enough to take a breath and look at the opportunities Central Florida has to offer. I think you too will see why I always say....." I live in Paradise"

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Deirdre is a Broker and co-owner, with her husband Steve, of EXIT Realty Champions in Davenport - the closest office to Disney World Orlando! With 12 years of experience over a broad range of real est....

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